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You will be happy to learn that 100% of your donations or contributions will go toward the full operation of Edna's Farm Against Homelessness and Bless24 initiatives.  Our initiative to combat homelessness is bold, yet practical and simple.  Helping people restore themselves with a sense of pride and purpose is a goal worthy of pursuing.  Your contributions and support makes this possible for the entire community benefit. 

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Nobody makes it in this world without someone helping in some form or fashion.  We all need a helping hand from time to time.  You partnering with us to provide whatever help only improves the lives of other people. At Bless24, we believe it is the god-giving task of everyone who is doing well to help our fellow brothers and sisters do well also.  Although, this task can be monumental, it is also possible.  Many times, it starts will simply being able to relate to hurts and pains of others and wish for a better solution.  Those solutions many times come in the form of people just like you who simply cares. 

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