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Future Home of Edna' Farm

Below is a 260 acres existing farm located close to Metro-Atlanta listed for $2.5 million. Our plans are acquire this farm and convert it to the programs necessary to support our cause.  Your help in whatever capacity will make this possible and help many people restore their lives.  

The above is a hope and dream, but maybe you can jumpstart this vision by donating a farm.  We are aware there are many large parcels of land not being used and incurring annual taxes and even complete farms.  If you or know of someone who has such, please consider donating the use of the property to Bless24 for Edna's Farm.  Your contribution will be great and the rewards to you will be even greater.  Contact us to speak more directly regarding donating a farm. 

260 Acres Farm .jpg
Screenshot 2022-04-15 132834.jpg
Screenshot 2022-04-15 132922.jpg
Screenshot 2022-04-15 133004.jpg
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