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Edna's Farm Campaigns

Advancing Our Agenda

Carpentry Class

Educating & Restoring

Doing What’s Needed

There are so many skills involved in operating a successful farm to where anyone participating will find themselves learning things that will be life sustaining.  Day 1 on a farm, the education begins and never ends as there is always more to learn.  On Edna's Farm and many of the other initiatives, there will be opportunities learn and many many teachable moments.  Nearly every skill will be utilized from electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and construction to planting, harvesting, animal care, and the importance of the seasons.  

Without a purpose, there can be no people development.  Our initiatives are all about helping our participants discover their purpose.  The earthy approach of Edna's will play such a key roles in people development as they will be able to use their own hands and see the results of their input.  They will come to appreciate the relationship they share with others, the farm and life itself.  Bless24 is excited about all of the possibilities and look forward to leading and driving this sense purpose and belonging. 

Farmers Warehouse

People Development

Tackling the Issue

Sheltering and Living

Tackling the Issue

Intake requirements
We will adhere to the HUD guidelines for acceptance and intake. Additionally, Edna's Farm will exercise other options for further considerations.  
Availability of space
Edna's Farm intends to provide sheltering for over 250 people with plans to expand up to as many as 1500 people.  
We are interested in restoring people and especially families.  Therefore, the length of time will depend on what is needed to help restore any participating in the program.  We expect some will stay through planting and harvest seasons. 
in an innovative approach that empowers our community and delivers the support they need, when they need it.  READ MORE..

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