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April 14, 2022 


Dear Supporters,


God is good all the time.  The Creator put it in my heart a few years back to do something about the homeless situations of people I see on a daily basis.  This world is filled with plenty of things to sustain the life of everyone.  But, as you know, bad things happen to good people all the time.  We get knocked down and many times are able to pick ourselves up and begin again.  There are moments when the knock down is so severe, getting back up alone is nearly impossible.  We all fall down!  This is when us standing should lend a helping hand.  


Today, I am launching what will be one of the greatest efforts I have ever done.  A vision which started several years ago, has finally been put into play.  Some of you knew my mother.  So, you know she was a woman who cared about people until she passed away.  She would feed anyone as cooking was one of her great pleasures.  She prepared and served food from her own garden.  Apart from her love of fishing, working with earth to bring forth life sustaining nutritious meals gave her great purpose and joy.


So today, I launched Edna’s Farm For The Homeless by  Edna’s Farm will be a bold and aggressive move to make real life changes in the lives of people directly affected by the homeless epidemic in our world.  It is not enough to simply shelter people day in and day out or provide soup kitchens.  While these are better than nothing at all, they do not “teach a man how to fish” nor restore him to his feet.  Bless24 through Edna’s Farm is 100% dedicated to restoring people to the sense of purpose, belonging and with life surviving skills.  This farm will be like no other farm as it will provide its participants a life on a real farm with crops, vegetables, fruits, livestock and training necessary to keep such an operation moving forward successfully.  Once a participant is restored, we will continue the relationship to further ensure his/her success with options to stay or funding to move on. 


Mothers with children are most heartbreaking to us whether they are on the streets, living in vehicles, hotels or living in a crowded situation with family or friends.  Edna’s Farm will be a place where children can flourish and simply be children surrounded with all of the excitement that comes with farm life.  We will take part in their education and ensure they are enrolled in local schools and provide daycare and after school activities while their mothers participate in the farm’s operations.  


There is so much more I would love to share with you and will over time.  At this moment, Bless24 is asking for your help to acquire an existing farm to convert for our purposes.  As I said, it is a bold and aggressive attack on homelessness and with your donations, contributions and participation, we can extend this amazing vision across the country and around the world.  Please visit and donate whatever you can.  Join our list of supporters and spread this wonderful news.  


Thank you,

Robert Ford

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